If you have any more questions about my health coaching services please e-mail me tiggy@tiggyhealth.com

Welcome to My Private Health Coaching

I’m a certified Holistic Health Coach and I have a passion for health and wellness.

There are so many ways that you can improve your health and quality of life in simple, easy, inexpensive and natural ways. Let me guide you towards your optimum health,

  I am inspired, happy, healthy and looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you, 

making a difference in your life.

     This 3 month program is for you if..

  1. You’re sick and tired of dieting and ready to do the work necessary to get off the roller coaster.
  2. You want to learn to trust your body instead of fighting it.
  3. You just can’t seem to lose those last 15-20 pounds.
  4. You know that having a passionate accountability partner will propel you to make significant change.

​       What’s Included?

  1. Two 45 min. coaching sessions per month (6 sessions total).  We will get crystal clear on what has you stuck and you will have 100% of my support to move forward. Each session is followed up by a full report from me with clear action steps.
  2. Unlimited email support during the program, your PERSONAL hotline for questions and accountability.
  3. Recipe Book, Cooking Tips & Resources to keep it FUN & YUM!
  4. My Newsletters full of tips & tricks to keep you motivated & curious.
  5. FREE Access to my seasonal Detox program (value of $99)
  6. A personally selected gift from me to you 
  7. Mind, Body Soul Price $399 

What do people say about my Health Coaching?

​Lisa and I have had the privilege of having Tiggy as a health coach and we can't say enough about what an awesome experience it's been.  The information and coaching are top notch and have been very helpful and the yoga enjoyable. If we had only one thing to share, it would be that Tiggy brings a wonderful attitude where ever she goes and that ultimately she helps us to share her enthusiasm for a healthy life! 
Thanks Tiggyhealth, Keep up the good work!
Karl & Lisa, NY

Tiggy has helped me understand what leading a full and healthy lifestyle is really all about. I have achieved so much in the past several months with her guidance and support. Making healthy choices about what I put into my body, and the way I exercise has become second nature to me. I feel great, have tons of energy and the best part is, my family benefits as well. They see the positive changes in me, and they all want to feel great too. Nobody makes fun of my juicer and blender anymore - now they each have their favorite smoothie! Tiggy has taught me to respect and honor my body and my spirit, and to enjoy every day of life. It is easy and fun to do this, now that I know how. Tiggy is a wonderful guide to good health.
Roberta D, MA

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​​      This is for you if..

  • You want to talk to somebody who will listen and understand all of your personal health goals and concerns. I am not only and experienced, certified Health Coach but I am also easy to talk to, compassionate and understanding.
  • You want to learn ways you can change the path of your health and happiness. Together we will make a plan that is simple and easy to follow giving you attainable goals to succeed.
  • You are ready to make a change and take control of your lifestyle and diet choices. I will motivate you, encourage you and support you 100%.
  • ​We will have a 1 hour consultation, with a Health History evaluation and afterwards you will receive a full report of our session with actions steps and recommendations.             
  •  ​1 Hour breakthrough Session Price $99 (normally $129)


      This 6 month program is for you if...
  • You are truly ready to commit to standing proud in a fit, sexy & confident body.
  • You are looking for an extremely high level of accountability and coaching.
  • You know you have some “stuff” getting in the way of your success and you know it’s time to clear it out.
  • You are looking for a step-by–step plan to get the weight off FOR GOOD so you can finally focus on your GIFTS.
  • You are looking to be a different person, inside and out at the end of the program.

      What’s Included?

  • 2 – 45min. coaching sessions per month (12 sessions total). Each session will build upon the last to get you one step closer to MIND, BODY & SOUL Happiness. Each session is followed up by a full report from me with clear action steps.
  • Unlimited email support during the program, your PERSONAL Hotline!
  • Access to Tiggy’s private cell phone for ‘emergency’ coaching.
  • Recipe Book, Cooking Tips & Resources to keep it FUN & YUM!
  • My Newsletters full of tips & tricks to keep you motivated and curious.
  • FREE access to 2 of my Seasonal Cleanses (Value of over $200)
  • A personally selected gift from me to you
  • ​​Mind, Body Soul Deluxe Price $699