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​I created the Badass Yoga to transform you, body and soul. Tap into your inner fierce, let go of stress and discover your true inner power. This calorie burning, energizing, dynamic workout fuses power yoga with strengthening, stress releasing strikes, followed by stretching and relaxation. Breakthrough emotional and physical barriers, have fun in your practice, feel stronger and healthier.

Delivered by digital download47 minute video

Badass Yoga - Tap into your inner fierce

  • Tiggy is a wonderful instructor and highly motivating. I enjoy all of her classes, she pushes you all the while providing support along the way. All levels and all ages will love her classes.

    Elizabeth Ried


    Tiggy Ski’s new yoga method is a study of opposites, a class which explores the duality of human nature -- calm fierceness, quiet strength, tranquil power. Tiggy acts as a well-practiced and inspirational guide in the harnessing of steady physical strength through challenging yoga poses and explosive, heat-building strikes, allowing for the elimination of stress with the discovery of confidence and physical potential, all with a bit of humor. This is not a class to miss!

    Jess Hall


    Tons of fun! Really great (and different!) workouts.

    Olivia Douglas

  • Digital Download

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