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Tiggy is awesome! What an inspiration - she motivated me without even trying ! The 11 day cleanse was great and an eye opening experience for me . Took my first aerial yoga class today & I am HOOKED! What an amazing experience she led me through!
Jackie L, CT

Thank you for all you have done to help me get healthier. By doing it in small achievable steps you created an opportunity for me to succeed. I feel better, I have lost 10 lbs without even trying and everyone tells me how great I am looking!!! Being healthy has become my life style, not something "I have to do". Thank you Tiggy, you have given me a wonderful gift.
Charlotte R, MA

After a challenge with cancer in 2005, I changed my lifestyle. I decided to eat healthy and exercise. Tiggy has kept me on track. Playing a lot of tennis and golf I was in a lot of pain. Tiggy has helped me slow down (as much as anyone can) and stretch. Working with Tiggy has helped me enjoy my healthy lifestyle pain free! She is warm and even makes exercise fun! She knows so much about health. I like that if I have a question she either knows the answer or will find it out! I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with Tiggy. 
Sue Horn, CT

My husband and I started 2015 with an 11 Day Winter Cleanse lead by Tiggy. While I didn't look forward to giving up coffee, wine and ice cream ... all at the same time... the experience has been well worth it. I've done many different types of detoxes - all using a product of some sort. This cleanse is done totally using clean whole foods. I loved the fact that we were supplied with a shopping list, recipes and a day by day outline of what to do...and of course Tiggy was always available to answer any questions. We feel so great we're going we are continuing with the 28 day cleanse. Iā€™m enjoying the experience of cooking differently and understanding how spices and seeds are so good for us. My husband is even asking for flax seeds with his food and the Banana Chia pudding for dessert! His attitude shift is a true testament to the effectiveness of this cleanse.  Thanks Tiggy! 
Deb G, CT

"When my employers decided to make an investment into health coaching with Tiggy, they really invested in a healthy future for me. My health is so different today than it was 6 months ago. If you want a health makeover, physically, spiritually and emotionally, Tiggy is your gal!"
Karmon Stevens, FL

Hi Tiggy, just want to let you know in the past three months since I started your program I have gained so much. After 4 back surgeries in 3 years I was becoming quite rundown, I had no energy, difficulty walking and was in quite a bit of pain. After only three months following your life plan I am feeling great, better than I have in 5 years and look forward to continuing on this path. Thank you for all your help!!!!Cheers, 
Seth Allan, RI

"I just wanted to tell you I'm so lucky to call you my friend. You have inspired Tim and I so much I can't thank you enough. I am in a pair of jean's today I haven't worn in YEARS. You are such a wonderful inspiration and I inspire myself to be like you. You are helping so many people. I just want you to know how much you mean to so many people"

Morgan LeDoyt, CT

I enjoyed our talks together. You introduced me to many things I would not have tried on my own. The combination of your ideas and my going off wheat have made a huge difference to how I feel on a daily basis. You listen well and have good ideas to follow up what we talked about. I now can't image life without our smoothies and my juices.
Meredith Rugg, NY

To whom it may concern: I am male, 72 years of age. In the summer of 2012 I engaged Tiggy on the recommendation of my doctor to work with me to try to improve my reflexes, balance and energy. She worked with me at my home for 2 sessions a week. I found myself looking forward to these sessions as one of the best things happening to me over the summer. I began being addressed with unsolicited compliments; you're slimmer, fitter, 3-4 years younger, what's going on? I would answer, It's Tiggy. At the end of the program my waist was about 2 inches smaller.Tiggy is well regarded and praised by others of her clients. I give her top rating. Respectfully 
Augustus B. Kinsolving, NY

Thank you so much for your advice and caring. I really enjoyed working with you and carry away a new sense of purpose and strategy.
Nina, NY

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