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This package includes 2 Remote Sessions (55mins) and also the full 360 DNA testing and report.

First consutation session before the DNA test and the second consultation to discuss the results and make a plan of action.


Remote Sessions Value $300

DNA TESTING Value $499

(Package Savings $100)


Once you have purcahsed this package we will set up our first Coaching session and ship the DNA Test Kit to you for completion.



A comprehensive DNA scan can reveal hidden health problems and provide vital insights on how to improve your health.

Each DNA test comes with a full 360 Report that includes 38 individual insight reports.

These reports help you understand exactly how your DNA impacts your hormones, sleep, cardiovascular health, immunity and more. The actionable insights outlined in the 360 Report allow anyone to understand their DNA and make the necessary adjustments in diet and lifestyle to optimize for better health.


What if there was a way to prevent serious health issues now, and in the future? What if you had access to powerful new health tools that could tell you how to fix your body’s unique health problems, and no one else’s?

Currently, we often live our lives trying our best to be healthy, but truthfully it’s often not enough. Most of us are unaware of ticking time bombs in our bodies.


Disease and health complications often develop over time, but at a rate so slow, we don’t notice them. We don’t see what’s happening inside, usually until we experience pain, or something much worse.

Using a simple saliva sample, they are able to use a unique algorithm and test 220 trillion data points, regarding your unique makeup. Right down to the genetic level.


This completely takes the guesswork out of dieting and weight loss.

You can finally find out exactly what your body needs.

You can uncover incredible insights including…

Your risk of cardiovascular inflammation

Your risk of hypertension

Your risk of high cholesterol

Your genetic immunity score

Your body’s ability to respond to vitamin D

Your body’s ability to respond to oxidants

These are just the tip of the iceberg.

There are literally dozens of pages of detailed insights like this.




DNA 360 Test And Results Coaching Package

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