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a full spectrum of electrolytes, trace minerals, micronutrients, amino acids and some B-vitamins, in a 100% bioavailable, ionized format.

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Bulletproof is functional nutrition, here to prove that better is closer than you think. We re-imagine nutrition with science-backed and thoughtfully sourced ingredients to create quality additions to your daily wellness routine. Whether you’re supplementing your vitamin intake or fueling your workout, Bulletproof can help you discover what better feels like.


AG1 combines the power of multiple supplements like vitamins, probiotics, and whole food sourced nutrients into just one scoop, making it your simplest daily health habit

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You’re about to discover one of the most innovative, well researched supplements on the market today.

Supported by decades of extraordinary science, Tru Niagen® is designed to change the way you age by tackling aging at its root.

It all starts deep within your 37.2 trillion cells, with a miraculous molecule called NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide).

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Every cellular process in your body is instructed by the 22,000 genes that make up your genetic code. Our nutrition, lifestyle and environment decisions impact our genetic function. Decode your genes so you can make the right choices.


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Somavedic is designed on the principle of controlled release of energy from precious and semi-precious stones. Creating a coherent field covering more than 2,800+ square feet.







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Some people experience symptoms like headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and nausea when exposed to electromagnetic fields from sources like power lines and electrical appliances.







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When you join us, you're joining a community focused on caring about animals and our planet, improving livelihoods for farmers, and sharing better meals together.







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We want you to eat well and live better. We want you to enjoy both the health and performance benefits of fish, in the most consistently-delicious form that you’ve ever experienced. 







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JIA JIA is a fine jewelry & crystal specimen brand created for all the lovers of our planet. A brand rooted from our earth that believes in the collective power of union, beauty, love, and truth. The brand is an expression of the collective spirit that is present each second and all around us.







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At Cozy Earth, we recognize the significance of products that genuinely enhance your life, knowing that those within our homes are the most frequently used yet often overlooked. We set out to change that.


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Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Transform your life, your way.

Expand your health and wellness knowledge with courses, products, and services tailored to your personal journey with support from renowned experts.

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COR Woman is your chance to pause, to take a breath. It’s the space to step away from the doing, the multi-tasking, the need to take care of others. It’s the space to make yourself a priority for once. It’s the space to step back into who you are when you aren’t doing anything.  In the space between, you’ll find the essence of yourself.

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