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Don't let the holiday parties and winter weather derail your health & wellness goals! Join me for the 7-day WINTER SHRED to put yourself (and your health) first this season! Through daily stress-busting workouts (that can be done from the comfort of your own home) and hearty winter recipes, we'll work together to feel grounded and healthy from the inside out this season. Ready, set, SHRED! 


Hello, lovelies! I am thrilled you are interested in joining me for the 7-Day Shred.

Some of you may be old pros at detoxing, while others might be

anxious about doing a detox. Regardless of where you're at on your

journey, you're in the right place!

Throughout the next week, we are going to bring your body back into

balance naturally, by eating WHOLE, REAL FOODS..without feeling

deprived! At the end of your journey, you'll feel lighter and more

energized, and know:

• How to eat clean and choose foods that support your unique body

• Simple ways to support cell regeneration & natural detoxification

• Techniques to make the most of your detox & reduce stress

• A variety of awesome workouts you can do anywhere!


Love Tiggy

7 Day Winter Shred - Slim Down Fitness and Nutrition Program

  • Angie, UK

    I did a couple of Tiggy’s Detox courses and have been hooked ever since. Tiggys follow-through has been amazing. She is so supportive and encouraging and you never feel alone in the journey. I am still using her recipe and smoothie suggestions in my cooking today. She uses ingredients that can be readily sourced and are seasonal and the recipes are easy to follow and tasty!


    Nicola, UK

    Tiggy is so knowledgable about what goes into your body and how it makes you feel, We have been doing the summer detox and really enjoyed it. We have felt great although weaning the caffeine was difficult! Tiggy genuinely cares and her passion for what she does is inspiring.


    Erica, CT

    I am getting ready to embark on my third seasonal cleanse and I can't wait. The last two were easy and straightforward, I felt great after completing them. I often use the recipes that are a part of the cleanse even when I am not cleansing. Tiggy is always there for a quick piece of advice and an open smile--Thank you, Tiggy!

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