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9 Reasons to love your body like you would your best friend.

1. Your body is miraculous and is designed to thrive.

Our bodies multi task in an astounding way to help us thrive in life and work 24-7 to keep sickness and disease away. Often it is only by our own poor diet and lifestyle choices that our bodies become overwhelmed by sickness.

2. Your body is younger than you think.

We cannot change our chronological age but our biological age is a lot younger. This is because every minute we are reproducing millions of new cells and the body rebuilds itself many times over in a lifetime. We can really influence how this renewal process takes place, by the thoughts we have, the food we eat, the lifestyle we adopt, the environment we live in, our relationships, the exercise we take.

3.Your body is where you will find your inner stillness and peace.

Even when the world is going crazy around you, you can stop and find peace within. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and breath in the scene of peace and calm that is always within you, the external chaotic world can only penetrate your inner clam if you let it!

4. Your body has an energy field (an aura).

An aura is an energy field that radiates out from your entire body and it's radiance can be photographed showing different colors. Have you ever talked with someone who just seems to uplift you and inspire you? Or have you ever walked into a room where two people are arguing and noticed that heavy negative feeling filling the room? Auras are vibrations of our inner emotions and feelings, the more happy and positive you are on the inside the more uplifted people will feel around you.

 5. Your body will communicate with you if you listen.

Learning to be more mindful will help you hear your bodies messages, wether its your body telling you you've stretched a bit to far in a yoga class, or you've eaten something that doesn't agree with you. The more we listen the more we will hear not just the obvious loud messages but the quieter softer ones too, like the feelings of joy, happiness and achievement.

6. Your body has more intuitive wisdom than you think.

Our bodies always know what to do and sometimes its best to allow our body to follow its natural path than to interfere. For example the simplest and most ignored message of all, feeling tired. Don't just grab a coffee, get more rest! Honor you body through sickness or injuries listening to your bodies messages and try to respect them.

7. Your body is covered in pleasure sensors.

Brush your hand across your cheek and its almost impossible not to smile! Expose your bodies sensitivities to more touch and pleasure. We crave and need touch as much as our cats and dogs do. Give the gift of touch and pleasure to yourself and others.

8. Your body is beautiful.

Believe in your beauty both inside and out, love unconditionally and your beauty will radiate around you.

9. Your body is your soul mate and best friend! The greatest partnership we can have is with our body, after all we will be together forever! Love your body for all its perfections and imperfections, don't judge, don't criticize, accept yourself just as you are.9 Reasons to love your body like you would your best friend.

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