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Be the Warrior you were born to be!

Seven years ago my life was turned upside down, I was 35 and I found out I had cervical cancer of which 1 in 3 women will die from, it was a terrifying and life changing experience.

I am reaching out to my working girlfriends, busy moms, all you wonderful ladies out there struggling to keep on top of your hectic lives to remind you to put your health first, to you get your annual check ups, my cancer was found through a check up, who knows if I would still be here if I hadn’t gone to get one?


Most cancers/diseases take a long time to occur and almost all auto immune diseases originate from inflammation (stresses to our body from everyday habits and pollutants). What you do EVERYDAY can lead you towards sickness or away from it.

STOP using toxic cleaning products in your homes STOP using toxic beauty products STOP eating processed crap even if the label say its good for you STOP being too busy to look after yourself START eating clean nourishing foods START moving everyday START getting more sleep START reducing your stress START listening to your body START loving and respecting your body, its your one true home!!

Don't underestimate that small positive changes everyday can make a HUGE difference to your overall health.

I was told I would have to have a radical hysterectomy and all surrounding tissues removed to treat my cancer, which would send me into early menopause and require me to go on hormone replacement drugs. I REFUSED the surgery, the chemo and the radiation! I went all natural with super clean eating, naturopathic supplements, detoxes, colonics, acupuncture, aromatherapy, infra-red saunas, positive thinking, proper sleep and exercise….I tried every natural protocol I could and I KICKED CANCERS ASS!!


I hope by sharing my story I will help to motivate you to improve your everyday habits and to remind you beautiful people to look after your amazing bodies. SMALL CHANGES CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE!

As a cancer survivor, fitness instructor and health coach it breaks my heart to see so many people overweight and sick, misguided by the food industry, drug companies and doctors, left feeling that they have no control over their health. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH NOW!!!!!!!


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