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5 Ways to get motivated for your workout

Make a plan - Think about the things you need to accomplish in your day and write down the most important. Leave off the obvious like work or looking after the kids. If you need to find time for a workout, a yoga session, or to prep some healthy meals for the week, schedule it! Make these actions a priority in your life and pencil them into your calendar. Treat them like appointment that you cannot reschedule.

Visualize it - Close your eyes visualize and imagine yourself starting your workout. Think about what you are wearing, think about how it feels, What muscles are you going to work? What moves will you try? How do you feel after? Think about your post workout high and your sense of accomplishment in getting it done. Helping you to feel more energized and excited to actually do it when the time comes!

Get inspired - We’re human and things can happen in our lives from day to day, hour to hour. You may have started the day ready to take on the world and then, for whatever reason, your inspiration just disappears. This is where you can draw on other people for help! Whether it is tuning to one of the workouts on TIGFLIX TV or just grabbing your jump rope for a 10 minute cardio.

Remove distractions: Get rid of all that background “noise” and keep yourself focused. Put your phone away, turn off the television and put all your efforts into your workout session. Make this time about you, and you alone. It isn’t selfish to put yourself first so ditch the distractions, stop making excuses, and do this for you.

Reward yourself: Sometimes the pleasure of just achieving your goal isn’t enough to keep you motivated. This is why you should find ways to reward yourself along the way. If you get through all your workouts this week, treat yourself to a massage. If you make it the month, treat yourself to new gear. It doesn’t even have to be anything major, whatever might work for you, do it. Just try to avoid using food as a reward.

Get moving!


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